Cleanup !

To make sure you don’t continue to incur charges on your AWS account, make sure to tear down your applications and remove all resources associated with both AWS Full-Stack Template and AWS Bookstore Demo App.

  1. Log into the Amazon S3 Console and delete the buckets created for this workshop.
    • There should be two buckets created for AWS Full-Stack Template and two buckets created for AWS Bookstore Demo App. The buckets will be titled “X” and “X-pipeline”, where “X” is the name you specified in the CloudFormation wizard under the AssetsBucketName parameter.
    • *Note: Please be very careful to only delete the buckets associated with this workshop that you are absolutely sure you want to delete.*
  2. Log into the AWS CloudFormation Console and find the stack you created during this workshop
  3. Delete the stack

Remember to shut down/remove all related resources once you are finished to avoid ongoing charges to your AWS account.